Best Custom Ads: Litstick

People love watching people get pranked. That's what makes Litstick such a fun (and lucrative) campaign to promote! With a little creativity, Litstick ads can be entertaining and relatable content for your viewers, driving both engagement and installs. 📈 👉 Litstick is a sticker app that lets you change the appearance of… Read More

Cash in on this easy Tabou Stories ad style

A trend we're seeing among Plug creators lately is the strong earning potential, and high conversions that the Tabou Stories campaign is able to deliver. Today, we're going to go over everything you need to know to earn the most from it, too!… Read More

Fam Campaign Highlight

Fam is an app that lets you drop into live-hangouts in different parts of the world or hangouts that focus on your specific interests, and allows you to meet new people. Here's how to promote it!… Read More