Best Custom Ads: Litstick

People love watching people get pranked. That's what makes Litstick such a fun (and lucrative) campaign to promote! With a little creativity, Litstick ads can be entertaining and relatable content for your viewers, driving both engagement and installs. 📈 👉 Litstick is a sticker app that lets you change the appearance of… Read More

How to Make Easy Money with Referrals on the Plug

Did you know: Posting ads isn't the only way to make money on the Plug! If you refer other creators to the Plug and they get approved, we pay you 15% of their earnings for the first 2 months. 🤑 It's the easiest way to sit back and make passive income,… Read More

Link Lists are here - Make a better Link in Bio!

Link lists are here to simplify your life and make promoting campaigns easier than ever! Here's the video TL;DR: What's a Link List?Link lists are exactly what they sound like: a list of links. Imagine one link that houses ALL of your content so you can promote multiple… Read More