New Year, New Contest! Featuring your chance at an easy $1500

We're feeling all the good ✨vibes✨ today, thanks to some hot campaigns by Takeoff Labs! To celebrate their success, we're running this flash contest!

Promote any Takeoff Labs campaign (list below) between January 22 and 27, 2021 to participate. All participants have a chance to win one of our grand prizes, or be entered into our raffle featuring a total of $1000 in cash rewards!

Eligible Campaigns

🥰 Vibe - New Snap Friends
💁‍♀️ Celebs - Celebrity Lookalike
🅰️ FontKey
😈 Litstick
🧐 Caption Pro

New campaign alert! Vibe is brand new to the Plug and has been killing it after only a week on the app. Promos are earning up to $1 per k views, making this Snapchat friends-finder a lucrative, high-conversion campaign to promote.

🏆 Grand Prizes

1st Place - Vibe with Apple gear!
iPhone 12 + AirPods Max OR $1500

2nd Place - Hit up your favorite Celebs
$1000 in Cameos OR $1000 cash

3rd Place - Create the Font of your dreams
Custom-designed Font OR $900

4th Place - Get Lit with someone you love(/hate)
$800 at Prank-O OR $800 cash

5th Place - Caption by our Captain
Custom caption by Plug CEO Tim Lenardo OR $700

🎟️ Raffle

For every 10 Plugcoins you earn during the contest period, you earn 1 raffle ticket. Grand prize winners are not eligible for raffle prizes.

We'll be picking 10 lucky raffle winners randomly on January 28th!
Prize: $100 per winner

👉 The Deets

  • This contest will be live today, January 22 thru January 28, 2021.
  • All Plug creators are eligible.
  • Grand prize winners are determined by top earners for all Takeoff Labs campaigns.
  • Grand prize winners are not eligible for raffle prizes.
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