Expert Picks - The best campaigns to promote this weekend

Happy Friday! Another week of 2021 in the books!Reaching out again with my weekly picks of top campaigns to try out.πŸ”₯

New Campaign

The first app to check out is a new one called Vibe. This app is like Tinder for finding friends but the real benefit is you can use this app to boost your snap score or use it to boost the number of followers/viewers you have on any social media. We expect this to be a top app and I recommend getting on it early. πŸ“ˆ

Live-Streaming Apps

For those that like Live-streaming or making new friends I suggest three apps that are all high paying. Bigo Live, Bunch, and Yubo are all great choices that top earners have been promoting and making thousands with. All are paying between $1-$2 so be sure to check them out. πŸ€‘

Hypercasual Games

For games I suggest Zooba, State of Survival, and King’s Throne. These three are all paying over $1.5 per install which is high for games since they usually get more downloads than other apps.


Last but not least for those who are interested in shopping/money I suggest checking out Lolli, Ibotta, Public, and Wish. Lolli is a shopping app that gives your money back in Bitcoin. 🀯

Ibotta is a shopping app that gives you coupons and rebates when you shop. Public is a new stock trading app that gives you a special bonus worth up to $50 when you sign up. Hope these help you earn. πŸ’°

As always have a wonderful weekend!πŸ˜„


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