Link Lists are here - Make a better Link in Bio!

Link lists are here to simplify your life and make promoting campaigns easier than ever!

Here's the video TL;DR:

Link lists are exactly what they sound like: a list of links. Imagine one link that houses ALL of your content so you can promote multiple campaigns at once, plus your other socials. 🤩 You'll never have to rotate your link in bio again!

We made link lists for maximum flexibility, so you can add links to anywhere you like! You can even upload custom icons for your personal links to capture viewers' attention and show off what you're all about.

For links to social accounts, we've made things extra easy and preset all the major platforms, so you only need to enter your username to set them up.

Add Plug campaigns in just 2 taps!

Of course, the benefit of having link lists right in the Plug app is that we've made it super simple to add your Plug campaigns. To update your link list with a new campaign you're promoting, all you need to do is:

  1. Select "Plug Campaign" when you add a new link.
  2. Pick your campaign and write a description for your followers.

And boom, it's on your list! We automatically add your unique tracking link so you don't need to copy/paste a thing.

For those of you with multiple social accounts that require different sets of links, it's easy to create as many link lists as you need. You can manage them all from the same place under the Activity Tab on your profile.

We take care of FTC compliance!

All of our link lists are automatically formatted to be FTC-compliant, so you don't need to worry about violating the rules. 👌

Intrigued? Download the latest version of the Plug app to get the update!

For instructions on setting up your first link list, see our help article.

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