Expert Picks - Earn close to $2 per download with our best campaigns this weekend

Happy Fri-yay! Soren here from our account management team at the Plug. These are my picks for the best campaigns to boost your earnings going into the weekend — and trust, we've got some goodies today. 😉💰


If you’ve been on the internet this week at all, you’ve probably seen a lot of talk about the stonk market. As your followers may be interested in getting in the game, I suggest Public which is a free stock trading app.

Public offers some great benefits including free stocks on signup and the payout is 38.4 Plugcoins (almost $2 🤯).

Important: Since there are a ton of regulations with stock trading ALL custom ads will need to be approved by Public so approvals could take longer and ANY incent cases will be shut down and funds earnings withheld. More info here.)


In other news, we have seen great traction with Fam which is an app that lets you find and connect with friends/people from your school/community. They recently rolled out video chatrooms so you can have calls with up to 100 friends which is amazing! Oh and they are also paying 38.4 Plugcoins (almost $2)  🤑🎉


Another great new app to check out is Vibe which you can use as a Snapchat/social media follower hack to boost adds and follows! This messaging works well and the downloads can add up to a lot $$$ 💁‍♀️

Wacky Run and Blob Runner

Last but not least, for the casual game fans both Wacky Run and Blob Runner are the two most popular mobile games and high in the charts! Great options on IG and Snap!

And that's it! As always, have a great weekend and happy earnings. If you ever have any questions or need help getting the best ad up, let us know. You can reach out here. :)

— Soren

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