How to Make Easy Money with Referrals on the Plug

Did you know: Posting ads isn't the only way to make money on the Plug! If you refer other creators to the Plug and they get approved, we pay you 15% of their earnings for the first 2 months. πŸ€‘ It's the easiest way to sit back and make passive income, while helping your friends make money too!

To clarify, the 15% payout does NOT come out of the other creator's earnings. We just pay you a bonus for referring them. πŸ’š

So far, our creators have made a total of nearly $250,000 just from referrals!

We've made it super easy for you to refer people.

All you need to do is share the unique referral link in the Bonus tab on your Plug profile. You get credit for anyone who signs up with your link and gets approved!

For more information on referring creators and tracking your bonus, click here.

Remember: you can refer anyone, not just close friends. We've seen people use really creative strategies to get tons of referrals. Here are some tips!

How to get more referrals on Instagram

If you run a personal account, post a story or Reel where you recommend the Plug for any influencers interested in making money on social media.

For those of you running theme accounts, you can do the same thing using text. You may need to answer some questions about how the Plug works, but it'll be worth it if they get approved.

Tell them to visit your link in bio, and make sure your referral link is posted!

Protip: Always keep your referral link available in your bio using a Link List! This allows you to promote multiple ad campaigns at once, while making sure your referral link is up for people to discover at any time. 🧠

How to get more referrals on TikTok

Similar to personal accounts on Instagram, you can post a video where you recommend the Plug for influencers interested in making steady money. Depending on your niche, however, this may not be relevant enough to your audience to get many views.

If that's a concern, you can instead tell a personal story about how you started making a living doing what you love, and invite other creators to DM you if they want to learn how.

As always, make sure your referral link is available in your bio with a Link List. πŸ‘€ Unlike Linktree, a Link List won't trigger a warning from TikTok when someone opens it.

Questions or feedback about referring creators? Email us at or send us a message in the Plug app!

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