How TikTok influencer 2Litt made over $10,000 in 3 weeks promoting Litstick

Every single video that TikToker 2Litt (@george2litt) posted in the last 3 weeks has been an ad. And his followers love it.

At 410k followers, he's made over $10,000 in 3 weeks with the Plug: more money than much larger creators make on brand deals in the same amount of time. His secret? He's figured out how to promote one app, Litstick, in a way that his viewers enjoy and request over and over.

πŸ‘‰ Litstick is a sticker app that lets you change the appearance of other people's text messages: perfect for confusing the sh*t out of parents, siblings, and [close] friends.

Ad or content? Why not both 🧠

2Litt is a natural comedian: his expressiveness makes jokey app Litstick a perfect match for his page, and he works it seamlessly into his one-man show through hilarious fake conversations with celebrities.

This ad featuring an iMessage conversation with "Cardi B" got over 1 million views in a week:

In his videos, he’s heckled Travis Scott, patronized 6ix9ine, stalked King Von, and asked the police to help him steal candy. The possibilities are endless.

2Litt's Litstick promos regularly hit the For You page, and his viewers request new celebrities every day in the comments. They're so popular that he only posts ads now--and his follower count keeps growing!

2Litt's story is the perfect example of how you can make serious money AND grow your following when you find the right campaign and ad style for your audience.

Keep it up, 2Litt! πŸ”₯

Interested in promoting Litstick? Find it on the Campaigns tab in the Plug app!

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