Fam Campaign Highlight

Campaign Highlights provide more information on how to maximize your earnings for our top campaigns. This includes custom ad advice, ad examples, campaign-specific rules/guidance, and more.

Let's talk about Fam

Fam is an app that lets you meet fans, make friends, and spend more time with people in a way that mimics hanging out IRL. It's a great way to grow a larger following on Snapchat while providing an easy way to connect with your followers through features like it's 100+ person Group Calls!

March 29 Update: Our $5,000 Fam Contest is live today with some great all-cash prizes for our top Fam promoters! Get started today from within the Plug app.

Creating Fam ads for TikTok

For TikTokers, the best way to promote Fam currently is to push that your followers can engage with you on Fam through features like its Group Call option.  

Here's how that can work:

  1. Create a video ad telling your fans about this cool new feature that lets you ring all of your friends (or in this case, followers) on a call. The first fans to pickup when you call will be in a group call with YOU. ☎️
  2. So your followers can see how this works, let them know to download the Fam app (from your Plug link of course) and have them either comment their Fam usernames below, or follow you on the Fam app (you'll need to give them your Fam username for this choice).
  3. Then let them know that on a specific date/time of your choosing, you will be calling all your followers and that whoever picks up gets to chat with YOU! In short, you can ring all of your followers on a call and the first ~100 fans to pick up will be in a group live call with you. 🎉
  4. Submit this custom ad right in your Plug app and hang tight for our team to approve it so you can start earning $$$! We normally review all ad submissions within 24hrs Monday thru Friday.

Important: The key to this advertising method is that you MUST actually follow through with calling your fans. Failure to do this would be seen as creating a misleading ad and may result in your Plugcoin earnings to be withheld.

Creating Fam ads for Instagram and Snapchat

For promoting Fam on Instagram and Snapchat, we recommend both creating custom ads as well as trying some of our high performing pre-made ads available within the Plug app (on the Highlights tab!).

In addition to using our pre-made ads, you can also bring in solid earnings with Fam by promoting it using the following tactics:

👉 Snap hack to grow your Snapchat following - While we preivously didn't allow "Snap Hack" terminology for Fam promotions, Fam is now allowing this to be used. This means you can create ads that talk about Fam being a way to "hack" for more Snapchat followers. This works especially well when using a greenscreen/screen recording showing all the notifications you get on Snapchat.

This static Fam ad is performing really strong on IG and Snap currently! Find all our top-performing Fam ads on the Highlights tab within the Plug. 
This is a great Story-based ad that can really push some downloads! Available in-app :) 

👉 Meet Friends at Nearby Schools - Fam is like Omegle, but not as scary. If you don't want your Fam experience to be ONLY with your classmates (maybe your school is small) but don't want to open up your random chats to ANYONE, you can also just meet people the same age as you from schools nearby!

👉 Group Facetime Party - Fam has an awesome group call feature that allows you to call 100+ of your followers at once. Think of Fam as a way you can basically group dial your entire school and see who's online and ready to hang live.

General Ad-Creation Tactics

👉 Keep it native – If your audience knows what you're sharing is a non-genuine ad, it can often have a negative impact on total # of views. More views = more $ so to ensure your best chances of that happening, we suggest one of the following:

  • Weave the value prop of the app into a skit or storyline
  • Add a targeted ad at the end of your content. This tends to only work if your video is > 20-30 seconds in length with at least 7 seconds of your ad being specifically about the app you're promoting.

👉 Make it relevant – Show yourself using the app or green screen over a screen recording of the app! If that’s not your thing, make sure to share some details about the app itself. This will lead to a higher conversion rate once your followers land on the App Store page. This should also produce better users, which will lead to higher payouts over time!

👉 Include a call-to-action – It’s important that your followers know to download the app via your link in bio rather than searching for it in the App store. Best practice is to green screen in front of your profile and point directly to the link. If using Linktree, it’s good to point to the specific link within.

👉 Take advantage of Link Lists - Using our free Link List feature is a great way to develop a big base of passive income with the Plug because it enables you to promote more than one ad at a time. Each time you have a piece of content that hits the FYP it will bring new followers to your page. These new followers will look through your older video and see the various ads you’ve posted. This means that you will continue to earn $ weeks after you post an ad!

Plug Specific Rules

  • Don’t incentivize or provide external motivation to download an app other than the app’s features or your experience with an app itself. Learn more about incent here.
  • Be truthful and don’t make false claims about your personal usage or the expected outcomes from using the app.

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at hi@plugco.in or directly within your Plug app.

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