Cash in on this easy Tabou Stories ad style

A trend we're seeing among Plug creators lately is the strong earning potential, and high conversions that the Tabou Stories campaign is able to deliver.

Today, we're going to go over everything you need to know to earn the most from it, too! 💰

What is Tabou Stories

Tabou Stories is a freaky, sexy, fun app that allows you to create a character and have them do whatever you want... like start some serious drama. You decide the story! And trust us, the stories are addictive!

TikTok Custom Ad Creation

One method for TikTok Tabou Ads is to create a skit about you checking out your friend's phone when they walked out of the room:

  1. Start with a hook, "So my friend left their phone in my room and I saw this app called Taboo. So, I opened it because... I'm nosey"
  2. Cut to gameplay footage (green screens work great for this) with a video asset found within the Tabou Stories campaign view in the Plug app.
  3. "Look at this!! Does she play this in public?" you could ask, talking about how raunchy it is.
  4. End with "Ok, but the more I play it…the more I get pulled into the drama. Like, I might be in love with my dad's girlfriend?" and a CTA mentioning your Link in Bio.

You can also pitch one of the crazy plot lines of the app as if it were happening to you and then at the last second explain all the drama you caused was just in this game!

Instagram and Snapchat Ad Creation

A time-tested style of ad for Snapchat and Instagram are statics from the game, with captions explaining how the game works and how steamy the game is:

  1. Remember to explain the mechanics of the game in some way: You get to play as a character in a steamy story and make choices for them. It's a sexy choose-your-own adventure.
  2. Focus on how risqué the game is. It's freakier than you expected, or playing in public is a bad idea because the game is NSFW etc. Even tell the audience "You can do ANYTHING" or to let their "imagination run wild" is another way to do it.
  3. Remember to add a call to action so people know where to go to get the app. And if you're posting the ad on Instagram Feed, ask your followers a questions about the game (like "would you ever have a threesome? I did in this game" etc) to get more engagement.

General Ad-Creation Tactics

👉 Keep it native – If your audience knows what you're sharing is a non-genuine ad, it can often have a negative impact on total # of views. More views = more $ so to ensure your best chances of that happening, we suggest one of the following:

  • Weave the value prop of the app into a skit or storyline
  • Add a targeted ad at the end of your content. This tends to only work if your video is > 20-30 seconds in length with at least 7 seconds of your ad being specifically about the app you're promoting.

👉 Make it relevant – Show yourself using the app or green screen over a screen recording of the app! If that’s not your thing, make sure to share some details about the app itself. This will lead to a higher conversion rate once your followers land on the App Store page. This should also produce better users, which will lead to higher payouts over time!

👉 Include a call-to-action – It’s important that your followers know to download the app via your link in bio rather than searching for it in the App store. Best practice is to green screen in front of your profile and point directly to the link. If using Linktree, it’s good to point to the specific link within.

👉 Take advantage of Linktree - Using Linktree is a great way to develop a big base of passive income with the Plug because it enables you to promote more than one ad at a time. Each time you have a piece of content that hits the FYP it will bring new followers to your page. These new followers will look through your older video and see the various ads you’ve posted. This means that you will continue to earn $ weeks after you post an ad!

Plug Specific Rules

  • Don’t incentivize or provide external motivation to download an app other than the app’s features or your experience with an app itself. Learn more about incent here.
  • Be truthful and don’t make false claims about your personal usage or the expected outcomes from using the app.

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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