Best Custom Ads: Litstick

People love watching people get pranked. That's what makes Litstick such a fun (and lucrative) campaign to promote! With a little creativity, Litstick ads can be entertaining and relatable content for your viewers, driving both engagement and installs. 📈 👉 Litstick is a sticker app that lets you change the appearance of… Read More

JetFuel Media Showcase

Our network of 12,000 creators knows how to make ads that convert. They're experts at going viral and creating content that their audiences love. Here are a few original ads made by creators for JetFuel campaigns. Apple MusicASMR SlicingFitness CoachNordVPNSniper 3DTower RunXO Dating… Read More

How to Make Easy Money with Referrals on the Plug

Did you know: Posting ads isn't the only way to make money on the Plug! If you refer other creators to the Plug and they get approved, we pay you 15% of their earnings for the first 2 months. 🤑 It's the easiest way to sit back and make passive income,… Read More

A reminder of our refund policy

Today, I want to take a moment to outline some of our terms and policies around refunds that all Plug creators agree to when singing up, and reasons we may have to withhold earnings from creators.… Read More