Expert Picks - New, unsaturated ads to earn more this weekend

As you've probably heard, our $10,000 Fabulous Contest just kicked off!

So, as we head into the weekend, we wanted to pull together our newest, unsaturated ads to to help you earn the most from our top campaigns; Fabulous, Fam, and Dragon Mania. 🤑

Fabulous - Daily Self Care

With our $10,000 contest live now, Fabulous - Daily Self Care is our top pick going into the weekend. And we're happy to report we have an all new static ad for you to get an extra boost in your earnings 👇

Learn more about our Fabulous Contest and ways to best promote it here!


Paying up to $1.92 per install, Fam is another top pick that's one of our top-earning campaigns right now. Check out these four awesome new (unsaturated!) static ads we've just added in the app 💁‍♀️

Dragon Mania

One of our highest paying campaigns at $2.19 per install, Dragon Mania is the perfect campaign to push this weekend! This one's specially good if your audience would connect with cute, fun dragon games (so... everyone). 🐉

Check out these four brand new ads we have for it, too! 🚀

You can get started with these ads and more directly within the Plug app! And as always, happy earning this week and do let us know if you need us. Our team is around 7-days a week to help. 💁‍♀️


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