JetFuel Ranked in 10 Categories on AppsFlyer's Performance Index XII

We're excited and honored to announce that JetFuel has been ranked in 10 categories in AppsFlyer's Performance Index XII, released today!

The AppsFlyer Performance Index has ranked the top media sources in mobile advertising every half-year since 2015. For the 12th edition covering H2 2020, AppsFlyer analyzed 580 media sources, 29 billion installs, and over 16,000 apps.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shuttering in-person venues, Millennials and Gen Z have turned toward social media as a primary source of entertainment while stuck at home. JetFuel's rankings on this index show that influencer marketing is more effective now than ever, driving both volume and measurable ROI.

JetFuel was featured in the following categories on the Retention Index:

So what's our formula for success? Our pay-per-install model removes many of the risks associated with traditional influencer marketing like boosted views and fraudulent engagement. Advertisers only pay for the installs we drive, and we monitor campaigns on our network closely to beat CPI and RoAS goals.

We align incentives for influencers and advertisers to create a win-win scenario: our network of over 12,000 social media influencers are paid per install, so they select campaigns to promote that will work best for their unique audiences. They drive installs by creating authentic custom ads that appeal to their viewers; they're experts at going viral and know what their audiences like.

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