Expert Picks - Earn the most with these top campaigns

And we're back! It's time once again for our rundown of the top performing Plug campaigns that will earn you the most this week! πŸ€‘


Fam is definitely worth checking out this week. Paying up to $2.56 per install, with some recent ads bringing in over $7,500 in one post!

These 2 ads collectively earned more than $10,000:


Paying up to $1.75 per install, BIGO LIVE continues to be a top-earning campaign on the Plug for a number of weeks. Creators are earning big promoting that they are going live on BIGO and inviting their followers to join them. πŸ€‘

Check out two examples of winning ways to promote BIGO LIVE on TikTok and your stories:

Fabulous - Self Care

Fabulous - Daily Self Care is the perfect app for 2021! It lets you create new habits through science-based advice and daily activities and your followers are sure to thank you for it.

Try these statics below on your IG feed and Snapchat:

Dragon Mania

Coming in at a strong $2.43 per install, Dragon Mania is a cute, fun and most of all, addictive game that lets you collect and grow dragons.

Creators on both Instagram and TikTok are making more than $5 per 1000 views (based on our tests) with ads like this:

Kings Throne

Another campaign with a strong payout up to $2.56 per install, King’s Throne has some meme style pre-made ads in the Plug app on the Highlights tab, or you can submit your own.

You can get started with these ads and more directly within the Plug app! And as always, happy earning this week and do let us know if you need us. Our team is around 7-days a week to help. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

β€” Soren

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