How Shrey grew a 600K TikTok following and began earning with the Plug

Last week, we caught up with Plug creator and TikToker, Shrey (@shrey3nb) who has earned through promoting and creating custom ads!

Shrey got started on TikTok in early 2020 and has steadily grown the page to 600K followers and amassed more than 20M Likes. Let's dive into how Shrey plans out content, began promoting with the Plug, and decides which campaigns to promote!

When did you start your TikTok page and what inspired you to start in the first place?

I started posting on TikTok some time in March this year and when I did, it was just for fun, nothing serious. I wanted to make people laugh and put a smile on their face and I was able to do this through my TikToks! Once a few of my videos went viral I saw the support I was getting and this made me continue making more videos!

You post consistently, take us through your process of creating new content for your page, from just an idea to a finished video. How do you keep up with posting a few times a day?

Whenever I get an idea I put it onto my notes page and from there I decide which ideas are the best to turn into content. I post 2 videos every day which can be tiring, from making sure each shot is perfect to making sure the correct captions are on screen at the right time, but it's what I love doing! To put it simply, I keep up with my strict schedule through time management and planning ahead!

πŸ‘‰ PRO TIP: Time management and planning ahead can help you keep your page full and your followers engaged with consistent content!

Engagement is a term we hear often in the social media world. What are your techniques for driving engagement on your page?

Original content will always perform better. I started many gaming trends and from there, turned them into a series that people wait for everyday!

Shrey regularly sees 250k+ views on his content, often more!

πŸ‘‰ PRO TIP: Original content performs better, even with ads! Check out how you can create and submit custom ad media here!

Was there a specific moment when you realized you built a strong following and that you could start earning from your TikTok page? If there was not a specific moment, what inspired you to start promoting with the Plug?

I think when I started taking TikTok seriously and made better content, I was seeing a much faster gain in followers as well as more business opportunities coming my way.

There are a lot of campaigns to choose from in the Plug app. What is your process when picking out a new campaign to promote?

Whenever I decide to promote a campaign for the Plug I am always spoiled for choice as there are so many apps to choose from. I tend to stick to games as they appeal to my audience more.

πŸ‘‰ PRO TIP: Games work! Check out how you can maximize your earnings with hypercasual games here!

We’ve seen native and organic looking ads do well for Creators. What do you look for when choosing ad media for a campaign to use on your page?

I try to go for ads that are well incorporated with my TikTok page. The more authentic an ad looks, the better it performs leading to more downloads!

The holiday contest is in full swing - what is your strategy during Plug contests? Are you aiming for a certain prize or number of raffle tickets?

I always try my best to aim for both but it’s good to know that there is still a great way for smaller creators to win big with the raffle!

πŸ‘‰ PRO TIP: The raffle is a great opportunity for Creators to win prizes! Check out the full contest breakdown here!

Looking ahead to 2021, what are your goals for your TikTok page?

For 2021 I hope to reach 850k followers on TikTok and have over 50k on YouTube!

Thanks for catching up with us, Shrey! We can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2021! πŸŽ‰

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