Expert Picks - Here's what to post right now

Happy holidays! This will be our last bunch of campaign recommendations before Christmas so hopefully you can use this to maximize earnings. 💁‍♀️

This time of year is the best time to promote as people are home for the holidays and on their phones more. On top of that so many new people will get phones and want to download apps so get your promos ready! 🎄🎁

Starting off, Litstick is still one of our top campaigns and an easy app to promote. This app lets people change other peoples texts by dropping stickers that look like replies into the chat! Great for fun pranks and an easy to sell concept!

Another app that I recommend is Bunch at 16 Plugcoins ($.80). This app lets you video chat with friends while playing games on your phone. Perfect for this time of year when students are home for the holidays and looking for ways to connect with their friends. Popular games like Among Us, Mario, etc are all on Bunch 🤑👾

Lastly, I want to recommend checking out some games to promote as these have been hot! Check out King’s Throne, Wacky Run, Roof Rails, and Sky Glider. Your followers will thank you for giving them something to play while they are bored at home. 😅

Also, wanted to remind you to check out the custom media prizes in our holiday contest. We’ve added more prizes and each is paying between $5K-$7K for the ad that the advertiser likes the most (Think quality ads with a strong description of features and benefits). These prizes are for Fitness Coach, Bigo Live, Fam, Betternet, 9 months, Terrarium, and Calm so be sure to check them out and good luck!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and holiday season!


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