Don’t miss out on the massive earning potential from hypercasuals

With much of the world stuck at home, the Plug platform has been absolutely booming with influencers earning more than ever before — by a lot! And they're doing it promoting some of the lowest paying campaigns on the platform.

Wait, the lowest paying campaigns?

Yes, really! Today, we want to talk about hypercasual games and their ability to convert more than 5x as much as long established apps.

What is a hypercasual game?

Hypercasuals are mobile games that are:

  • Broadly appealing
  • Easy to understand within minutes
  • Drive ~ millions ~ of downloads per month
  • Dominate the App Store charts

No saturation

The difference of hypercasuals and established apps is about how many people have already downloaded the app (the saturation).

Established apps have been live on the App Store for weeks, months, or even years. This means that a % of your followers have already used the app.

Hypercasual games launch regularly—sometimes a few per week—and start with essentially 0 saturation. This means nearly everyone who sees your ad could be someone who will download.  

This low-saturation mark for the hypercasual games can translate to huge earnings! That’s why, when they launch, the influencers should take advantage while they’re fresh.

Rapid earnings

There's a good chance your followers are going to download these hypercasual games, one way or the other. And with how widely appealing the games are, the potential audience for these apps is drastically larger than those more established apps.

All this means is that these games have a high potential for big earnings!

Numbers don't lie

As an example, we've pulled some numbers from one of the Plug's top influencers for downloads between February 1st thru 17th. This was right when the hypercasual hit, Draw Climber launched.

In that period, this influencer was promoting both Draw Climber (paying just 4.8 Plugcoins per iOS US) and an established app (paying a whopping 18 Plugcoins per iOS US) roughly the same amount.

Draw Climber ended up pulling in a total of 3,371 installs over that period and a revenue of $1371. The established app, on the other hand, pulled in just 709 installs and $702.

That translates to 5x as many downloads and nearly 2x the profit! That's right, the app paying just 4.8 Plugcoins was able to far surpass the high paying one — by quite a bit.

Don't miss the next one

We announce every new hypercasual launch through our Telegram and Instagram; be sure to follow along so you know when the next one drops!

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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