Guidance on promoting Plug campaigns on TikTok

It's so exciting to have TikTok rolling out its link in bio! We're seeing a ton of earning potential on TikTok and can't wait to help you cash in on the wave.

First, we need to go over some best practices when it comes to TikTok advertising as well as an overview of incentivisation to prevent your Plug account from being disabled.

What is the Plug

The Plug is an invite-only platform for monetizing your social media audience through on-demand promotions for apps and games. It allows you to post as many ads as you'd like, whenever you'd like, and get paid.

Finding TikTok-friendly campaigns

At the moment, not all Plug campaigns are allowed on TikTok. Be sure to only promote campaigns that include a "TikTok Ok" tag on them:

Any campaign with "TikTok Ok" showing is a campaign that's allowed to be promoted on TiKTok — those without are not allowed to be promoted on TikTok at this time.

Custom ads earn the most

Important: Before you are allowed to run any ads not currently in the Plug app, you first need to submit them for approval.

With TikTok, we're seeing that custom ads that feature your own page's custom content generate the highest earnings. That said,  in total, there are 3 types of TikTok ad styles to try out:

1. Native content, with an ad/testimonial at the end: This is the highest earning style of ad we've seen so  far. It usually is 20-50 seconds of content you'd normally post, with the final 5-10 seconds being the promotion you're running. Check out this video as an example!

2. Custom TikTok-style ad featuring you: The second highest performing ad style would be a TikTok post that's entirely meant to promote the Plug campaign you're running. Here's an example of what this could look like.

3. Sharing an existing ad from the Plug app: Finally, the easiest way to start promoting your Plug campaign would be to share an existing ad that's in the Plug app. You can find any existing ads within the app by heading to the Campaigns tab, or check out the top performing ads over in the Highlights tab. We recommend sharing the TikTok-style ads, if you're going with an ad right from the app.

Be careful not to use incentivisation!

In short, incentivizing is offering something in reward for something else. With influencer marketing, this is usually offering a follow, DM, prize, etc. in return for downloading from your referral link.

Example 1: "If you download the app in my bio, I'll give you a shoutout!" — this is clearly offering a shoutout in return for someone downloading from your links.

Example 2: "Download the app in my bio to join my group in the game!" — this also is incentivizing by offering the ability to join your group in return for downloading the game.

You should never be offering anything (even just offering your followers the option to beat your score) in return for downloading from your links.

How do I submit my custom ads?

Once you've got your custom ad created, we'll need to get it approved.

If you head to the Campaigns tab in the Plug, you’ll see the available ad campaigns we have for you. For many, you should see a big plus (+) icon alongside the text, “Submit your own media” — these are the campaigns you’re able to submit custom ads for.

Tap the '+' icon and upload your custom ad to submit it to us for approval.

Once you've submitted your own custom ads, hang tight for it to be approved. Ads are approved in as little as 30 minutes, and no longer than 24hrs*. You'll see the status of your approval in-app.

*If you need an ad approval expedited, reach out to our team!

Reposting is OK

It is entirely okay to re-post the same ad you've created multiple times. Sometimes we've seen ads perform better the second—or even third— time they've been posted.

Helpful Resources

Thoughts, comments, questions? We know this can be a bit tricky and are always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app if you have any questions for us at all!

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