Expert Picks - These campaigns will earn you the most right now

Soren here with my picks for the best campaigns to help you maximize earnings this week! 🤑

Vibe and Wink

Starting off, I strongly suggest Vibe & Wink. These apps are like Tinder, but for finding new friends. Both apps can be used to increase your Snapchat adds, and once you connect with all these new people, you can tell them to follow you on Tiktok or any other platform to boost your followers everywhere. 📈

The top earning ad from across the Plug this week was a Vibe ad so I think this is a great place to start.


For those looking to help their followers earn/save money, Lolli is my top pick. Lolli (paying over $1.25 per install) gives you Bitcoin back on every purchase. 💰


Fam is another great option pay well over $1 per install. This app lets you find and chat with people from your school and area. They just launched a new feature that lets you video chat with over 100 people (learn more here!).

Instagram and Snapchat picks

For Instagram and Snapchat accounts, State of Survival, Redecor, and Radish Fiction are my picks. These 3 apps should allow you to promote to virtually any audience you might have, and we have great in-app ads that you can use to make some easy $$$ — find these on the Highlights tab in the Plug! 👉

Last but not least, I wanted to let you know about a new feature in the Plug called Link Lists. This new Link in Bio tool is completely free and allows you to maintain all your shared links in one spot for your bio. This way, you can cash in on multiple ads at once. Learn more about Link Lists here! 🎉

Happy earning, and remember, we're here if you need us!

— Soren

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