JetFuel Ranks Among Top Media Sources on Singular's 2021 ROI Index

We're excited and honored to announce that Singular has listed JetFuel as a top media source in its 2021 ROI Index!

Each year, the Singular ROI Index ranks the top global ad platforms with the best return on investment for mobile marketing in various categories. For 2021, the rankings were based on nearly $10 billion in ad spend and 3 billion app installs.

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JetFuel blasted onto the scene on 3 lists:

Global Leaders Overall: ROI for iOS (Top 20)
Global Lowest Fraud Overall (Top 15)
Global Lowest Fraud for iOS (Top 15)

It's the first time an influencer marketing network has made it into the Singular ROI Index, showing that--contrary to popular opinion--it's very possible to achieve strong mobile ROI with influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has been a thing for years now. But it was always challenging to measure and monitor and therefore assign ROI to. JetFuel is changing that by focusing on what it calls “direct-response influencer marketing.”

JetFuel debuts on the Singular ROI Index in three top lists, and shows that there’s a path to generating and measuring growth impact for mobile user acquisition via influencer marketing.

- 2021 Singular ROI Index

JetFuel's pay-per-install model removes many of the risks associated with traditional influencer marketing like boosted views and fraudulent engagement. Advertisers only pay for the installs we drive, and we monitor campaigns on our network closely to beat CPI and ROAS goals.

So what's our formula for success? We align incentives for influencers and advertisers to create a win-win scenario: our network of over 12,000 social media influencers are paid per install, so they select campaigns to promote that will work best for their unique audiences. They drive installs by creating authentic custom ads that appeal to their viewers; they're experts at going viral and know what their audiences like.

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