Expert Picks - The Three B's for the TikTok “Ban”

Are you ready to learn more about how to work with TikTok’s latest news? We’ve put together this list of the Three B’s to help you make the most of your earnings as we close out the weekend.

Let's start with what we know

The Trump administration announced that starting Sunday September 20, Tiktok would be removed from app stores like the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Byte, Betternet, and Bigo are our Three B's and top picks with TikTok "ban" coming Sunday.

The Byte opportunity

Byte is another social video sharing app created by the makers of Vine. Byte is a whole lot more community based and a super inclusive place that users love. It's a great place for your audience to continue to find content in the event that Tiktok gets banned.

The Byte payout is increasing 30% to ~17 Plugcoins ($.85) so it’s a hot time to promote.

You can say things like "Byte is the new Tiktok", "Tiktok getting deleted, download Byte" but Byte would appreciate wording such as “TikTok might get deleted, you should download byte, it’s a super inclusive place"

Please note: Payout changes can occur depending on remaining campaign budget

Byte ad examples listed below:

Hey IG/Snap pages, this isn't just for Tiktok promoters. You can cash in on this opportunity as well. Last time we had a big push for Byte, custom memes worked the best and drove in crazy installs! We've put the best performers on the left of the tray in app, but you're highly encouraged to submit your own!

The Betternet opportunity

Betternet users can set their locations to another country where there are no Tiktok restrictions with a push of a button. That means they can still access Tiktok after a ban by using Betternet.

👉 Use Betternet to still access TikTok if it gets banned – You can share with your followers a tip for using Betternet to access TikTok if there's a ban: "If TikTok gets banned you’ll still be able to access it with the help of this app.”

Here are some examples of ads you can recreate to make sure you take advantage of this earnings opportunity (also check out our entire campaign highlight here):

The Bigo Live opportunity

Bigo Live is a livestreaming app that allows users to tune into livestreams from around the world. Tiktok has a livestreaming function loved by creators and fans so pitching Bigo Live as an alternative to Tiktok livestream is an angle that could work out great. Bigo is paying over $1 per install so successful ads could earn a ton!

🚨 Download Bigo Live as a way to interact and watch livestreams even if Tiktok gets banned

Here are Bigo Live ad examples that you can use to brainstorm your own ad:

As always happy earnings and take care :)

Plug Specific Rules

  • Don’t incentivize or provide external motivation to download an app other than the app’s features or your experience with an app itself. Learn more about incent here.
  • Be truthful and don’t make false claims about your personal usage or the expected outcomes from using the app.

Campaign Specific Rules

  • Betternet = "Only refer to Canada, UK, and Germany when talking about which countries to connect the VPN to"
  • Bigo = "Don't entice users to download Bigo live to follow you or view your videos on Bigo live"

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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