Introducing Plug Public Profiles

Today, the Plug is going social with the release of some new features we've been working on for much of quarantine! This update includes all new public profiles, the ability to search across the Plug network, and the addition of in-app chat making it easier than ever to talk with fellow influencers.

There's a lot to go over in this latest update, so let's jump right in to what's new:

Create your Public Profile & Get Connected!

One of the biggest changes in the Plug is the addition of public profiles. This means every Plug influencer now has a profile that is visible to other influencers. You can see other influencer’s profiles and connect with them in the Plug! Don’t worry though: your earnings are still totally private.

Public Profiles currently include:

  • Plug Usernames: Pick a username and connect with other Plug influencers, each with their own unique username.
  • Social Accounts: Display your social accounts on your Plug profile so other influencers can find and connect with you. And yes, you have full control over which of your accounts are visible.

Learn more about Public Profiles here

Connect through Group Chat and Direct Messaging

One thing we've been hearing is that it is always a challenge to connect with fellow influencers; between not-so-trustworthy group chats, having to vouch for one another's authenticity, and getting lost in IG DMs — we hear you, and we get you!

We've created a Plug messaging system which allows you to talk securely to influencers who've already been through the Plug's verification and approval process — that way, you know who you're talking with. And our new chat works both with 1:1 direct messaging and group chats up to 500 people, so bring your friends.

Learn more about Chat here

Search across the whole platform

What good would all these new social features if there wasn't an easy way to sort through them. That's why we've built a brand-new search into the Plug that lets you search by Plug username, social account username, and campaign name.

Learn more about Search here

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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