It's time for the Spooktacular Contest with Green Panda Games

As we close in on Halloween, our advertiser Green Panda Games has partnered with us to bring you the Spooktacular Contest with $3,500 in haunting prizes up for grabs — or the cash values, of course!

On top of that, we've bumped the payouts for all the eligible campaigns for this contest by up to 25%! 🤑

Our prizes

  • 1st Place - 3-night stay in a cabin in the woods or $2000
  • 2nd Place - Stormtrooper costume or $900
  • 3rd Place - 12ft skeleton or $300
  • 5 Raffle Winners - A haunted doll or $100

Eligible Campaigns

  • 9 Months
  • Terrarium
  • Idle Workout
  • Mining Inc

All the details

  • This contest will be live today thru Sunday, November 1st.
  • The eligible campaigns for this contest are: 9 Months, Terrarium, Idle Workout, and Mining Inc. This means you can promote any of these eligible campaigns over the contest period, or multiple.
  • For every 10 Plugcoins you earn, you receive 1 Raffle ticket and increase your odds at winning a raffle prize.
  • Leaderboard winners (1st thru 3rd place) will NOT be eligible for raffle prizes.

Our Custom Ad Advice for TikTokers

To help you maximize your earnings over the contest period, we've pulled together everything we know to help you earn the most with custom ads for these campaigns!

9 Months

We have seen major successes with 9 months for Tiktokers in particular lately, with some making $33k over 2 months across 11 ads.

In general, we've seen two forms of successes for this so far:

  • Pregnancy facts: videos focusing on "fun" or weird facts about the process of pregnancy inside the womb
  • Storytime posts with focus on children: a "storytime" video that focuses on children in some way, leading into either:

    👉 An ad at the end about growing your own child (i.e. "if you want to take care of your own child, you can grow one from scratch in this crazy baby game"

    👉 An ad in the middle of the story before the big reveal of the story (i.e. "before I tell you what happens...I've been playing this freaky game where to grow your own child"

An important aspect to the success of these ads is showing the gameplay of what the app is, because it's very wild to look at. It's best to use videos that start with growing the baby rather than raising a fully grown child.

Download 9 Months Greenscreen Materials here!

Terrarium Garden Idle

We see that creators have a lot of success with Terrarium through ads that focus on gameplay. One creator made $7,198.35 from 2 videos that focused on:

  • Gameplay galore - Showing a good amount of gameplay as an "ad break" or "product placement" in the middle of a regular piece of content.
  • Piece of the story - Sometimes creators even used Terrarium as a plot device in the story they were telling; again, making sure to include gameplay.

Download Terrarium Greenscreen Materials here!

Weed Factory Idle

With Weed Factory Idle, we've been seeing that ads that focus on how funny and weird the game actually is has been a way to rack in some serious cash! One creator with less than 1m followers earned $1,179.04 with just one ad by doing this!

In general we've seen:

  • These ads will only perform well if you show gameplay.
  • Adding an ad to a "pt. 2" section of a video works very well in keeping views up on TikTok videos that have ads in them.

Download Weed Factory Greenscreen Materials here!

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