Expert Picks - Soren's campaign recommendations

Happy Friday! Hope you have had a nice week. As always here are my picks to capitalize on our current campaign offerings and maximize your earnings.

Ready to maximize your earnings this weekend? Here are the top results to help you maximize your earnings.

Hyper Casual Games for the Win

For the casual game fans 9 Months and Let’s Be Cops 3D are our most successfully tested games this weeks! These are two great options that others have seen success with!

And remember, hypercasual games have the ability to convert more than 5x as much as long established apps! 💥

Ultrahuman Mediation & Flex

You may have received a notification earlier that Ultrahuman Meditation & Flex got bid raises of 25% and are now paying over $1.50.

Both apps are testing well and are fairly new so most of your followers haven’t seen them being promoting. 🤑


Bigo Live has a huge budget and is still paying a Plug high 37 Plugcoins ($1.85). This live-streaming app is a great way for your followers to be entertained, make new friends, and livestream themselves with thousands of people from around the world!

Don't forget the Dreams Contest

Last but not least, wanted to mention the Dreams Contest which is going on for another 2 days! Up to $10K in prizes available, learn more here.

Have a great weekend!


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