Our new Media, Content and Community Guidelines

Last month, the Plug went social. You are now able to connect with the network and learn from the community. This week we are launching our community guidelines and media guidelines to provide you with more tools to grow as an influencer and a creator.

The Media Guidelines

The media guidelines are your do’s and don’ts of posting an ad. On this page, we tell you everything about ad tags, image rights, and incentivization. Some of these rules are regulated by entities such as the FTC. Other rules will be designed with our partners in mind. Ultimately, we are hoping to give the tools to become both a creator and an entrepreneur not only on the Plug but on other platforms as well because we know that monetization can be tricky.

The Content and Community Guidelines

These are the Plug rules, it addresses questions you might have about hate speech or content that can be considered as offensive. These guidelines are designed to make your experience on the Plug fun with a strong focus on growth and development. As such, we set up some ground rules for both what you share on the Plug and the content featured on your social media accounts.

What has changed?

So you are probably wondering if anything has changed or if we are going to ban people? The answer is no. These guidelines reflect our internal policies and internal workflows. They don’t change how the Trust and Safety team works. At the Plug, we have a Trust and Safety working 24/7 investigating issues such as content moderation and fraud. Our effort marries both technology and human reviews because sometimes context matters. That said if you contact us, one of the members of the team will be here to answer your questions.

Trust and Safety commitment

As we grow as a team and a company, we are committed to sharing more information about best practices and how to stay safe while monetizing your audience. Keep an eye open for new blogs and help center articles so you can take control of your earnings, and focus on your creativity.

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at hi@plugco.in or directly within your Plug app.

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