Expert Picks - Soren's campaign recommendations

It's time for another round of Expert Picks! Here, each week, we'll share campaign advice and recommendations from our expert team of Account Managers who work with all of the Plug's top influencers.

Dang Soren, back at it again with your weekly picks?

Ok bad joke sorry, but seriously here are my weekly picks to help you maximize your earnings!

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is still paying 37 Plugcoins which makes it a great one to cash in on. Pitch it as a way to meet new people and watch people from all around the world. 🤑

Fitness Apps

If you’ve had success with Fitness Coach in the past it is still paying 34 Plugcoins! On top of that we just got two new fitness apps called FitnessAi and FitCoach which are paying over $1 per download and can give your followers a new fitness app to try! 💪

Let's Be Cops 3D

If you are thinking about promoting some casual games I suggest Let’s Be Cops 3D as it has been testing incredibly well and has a ton of different ways to promote it from jokes to current events 😅


Last but not least our new social app Clash. Clash looks to challenge Tiktok for social video sharing. Pitch your followers to create their accounts early to get a unique username and work to be some of the first ones to get Clash famous. It’s also paying 28.8 Plugcoins 🔥

All new contest

Also quick reminder to check out our Dreams Contest with nearly $10,000 in prizes. That includes two $1,500 best custom media (meme and video) prizes! Get creative and win that 💰💰💰

Hope you have a great weekend and as always happy earnings :)


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