New contest: Let's get hypercasual!

Hypercasual games are mobile games which are broadly appealing and can be downloaded by anyone and understood within a minute. These games dominate the App Store charts and drive millions of downloads per month.

Today, we're kicking off a contest focused around these money-generating, high-converting campaigns! 💰

Here's the deal

This contest is going to be open to all influencers who promote any of the following campaigns:

  • Tower Run
  • Super Salon
  • Save The Girl
  • ASMR slicing
  • Draw Joust
  • Rolly Legs
  • Bake It
  • Terrarium
  • Repair Master 3D
  • Go Knots 3D
  • Slap Kings

The top 5 influencers who earn the most promoting any of these campaigns will win:

1st place: iPhone 11 Pro, or $1100 cash
2nd place: 65" smart tv, or $700 cash
3rd - 5th place: Nintendo Switch or $300 cash

This contest will be live thru Tuesday, May 19th.

Looking for ways to boost your earnings?

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  • Try creating custom ads to promote your campaigns
  • Here are some of our best tips for increasing your earnings
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