Ads of the week

This week we focused our ad tests on Snapchat where we've pinpointed some great performing new ads. We saw a lot of success recently with Tennis Clash ads on Snapchat with enticing gameplay footage. Let's dive in!… Read More

Ads of the week

We're excited to bring you ad recommendations for Snapchat and Instagram for this week! We saw a lot of success recently with "pink" ads (can you reach pink bike?!) on Snapchat and and TikTok-style ads over on Instagram.… Read More

Introducing our company values

1. Do what works, fastAt JetFuel, we don’t let our opinions of what we want to work blind us from what is actually working. We hold our opinions loosely, and gladly follow the data when it says otherwise. When new opportunities arise, we execute on them quickly and completely.… Read More

This week's highlights

Alongside our new weekly “ads of the week” series, we’ll also be releasing highlights including learnings and trends we’re seeing, app and campaign updates, and more. We hope this is a way to keep you more informed and enable you to earn even more through the Plug.… Read More

Snapchat ads of the week

Dig It! had the most successful ad we've tested this week coming in at $1.13/k (1000 views). Check out this and other successful Snapchat ads of the week for November 4th over here.… Read More

Instagram ads of the week

This week we continued to see that TikTok-style ads are taking off on Instagram, with some ads testing as high as $2.55 per k (1000 views). Here are the best performing ads this week on Instagram for the week of November 4th… Read More