Win big in our $10,000 VOCHI contest starting now

VOCHI is an app that allows you to edit your videos using AI-based technology with the most current trends on all social platforms. It's like having your very own editing studio in your pocket!

Starting today, we are starting a new contest with $10,000 up for grabs and 3 ways to win: leaderboard, raffles, and custom ad creation.

How To Win

For this contest there are 3 ways to win:

👉 Leaderboard Prizes

Our leaderboard prizes will be awarded to the top 4 promoters of VOCHI over the contest period. These winners will NOT be eligible for raffle prizes, but can still win Custom Media Prizes.

  • 1st Place - $2,500
  • 2nd Place - $1,750
  • 3rd Place - $1,250
  • 4th Place - $500

👉 Raffle Prizes

We will also have raffle prizes for this contest. For every $0.50 you earn promoting VOCHI, you'll be awarded 1 Raffle Ticket and increase your odds at a prize:

  • 5x Raffle Winners - $100

👉 Custom Media Prizes

For this contest, our advertiser at VOCHI are excited to award creators for creating (and submitting) new, custom video ads.

Create an interactive tutorial, a honest review of the app or simply edit your video or photo with VOCHI (with unlimited entries) to win:

  • 1st Place Custom Ad - $1,500
  • 2nd Place Custom Ad - $1,000
  • 3rd Place Custom Ad - $750

Looking for inspiration? The most popular features from VOCHI users are: Butterflies, Lines, Paper, Colored Shadow, 3D Photo, Strobo, Earthquake, Neon Heart, Synthwave and Album.

BONUS points to creators that post the ad with effects and provide #VOCHI in the caption. 🤳 ✨

Check out these ad examples when making your ad! And learn how to submit your custom ads here.


  • This contest will be live, August 26th thru September 7th at 12:00 PST
  • VOCHI is the only campaign part of this contest.
  • Leaderboard winners are NOT eligible to win a Promote-to-earn prize.
  • Custom Ad prize must be a video ad (not statics) focused on the video-content, and features.
  • All the edited content should be made according to the Rules of the Platforms where it will be posted
  • Entering the contest, you agree that VOCHI has the right to use the content for advertising and promotional purposes
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