New Contest: Win an iPhone 11 Pro, Oculus Quest or AirPod Pros!

We’re following up that last raffle with another contest & another raffle!! We’re giving away an iPhone 11 Pro, 2 Oculus Quest’ and 3 pairs of AirPod Pros!

Same rules as last time — you'll earn 1 raffle ticket for every 10 Plugcoins you earn promoting Dig It!, Astrology & Palmistry, Calm, Bitlife, and Super Stylist. At the end, the person with the most tickets will win the iPhone 11 Pro, and we’ll draw 5 more random tickets to win the Oculus Quests & AirPods! The more you earn, the more changes you have at winning!

This contest will be live thru Tuesday, November 19h. Happy Promoting!

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