Introducing our company values

1. Do what works, fast

At JetFuel, we don’t let our opinions of what we want to work blind us from what is actually working. We hold our opinions loosely, and gladly follow the data when it says otherwise. When new opportunities arise, we execute on them quickly and completely.

2. Be curious & try things

Be curious in your work. The best opportunities come from poking around, and finding new understanding. Entrepreneurship is encouraged- whether it’s re-inventing your process or trying something entirely new.

3. Work hard, raise the bar

JetFuel products are — and should always be — best in their class. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and put in the hard hours to make sure we deliver great results. Excellence is expected; mediocrity not tolerated.

4. Do more with less

At JetFuel, we take deep pride in how much we’re able to accomplish as a small team and understand that each employee’s work has a huge impact on the business. Everyone is an owner- not just of your specific job, but of the company’s overall success. Own your outcomes.

5. Birds aren’t real

Stay on trend. Keep your ear to the ground. Try weird shit. Wake up California!

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