Expert Picks - Soren's campaign recommendations

Hey there, It’s Friday, which means another round of my campaign picks! This week we have seen a huge rise in success for casual games. 🚀

Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run is converting really well and charting on the App Store. Some of our test show Shortcut Run earning up to $3 per k views!!!🤯🤯🤯


If casual games aren’t your style, Bigo Live is still paying out the most in The Plug at 37 Plugcoins with tons of creators earning more than they ever have promoting it!


This weekend, I suggest giving Calm a try. With the election unfolding, Calm can be a great tool for your followers and is timely to promote. Doesn’t hurt that it is paying over $1.

6ix9ine Runner & Marshmello Music Dance

Last but not least, I suggest trying another fun set of apps in 6ix9ine Runner & Marshmello Music Dance. Both should be a fun app for your followers who are fans of those artists! Hypercasuals have the ability to earn 5x more than established apps, so don't miss out!

Also wanted to tease that in the coming weeks we plan to launch a few new campaigns that we think could shatter previous earning records for the network. Stay tuned and get ready to earn!

As always, happy Friday and have a great weekend!🤑

— Soren

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