Expert Picks - Make your top dollar this weekend

Happy Friday! It's already the last day of April? That month flew by.😳

With that being said, I have some top picks and breaking it up into two groups to help you boost your earnings as we head into the weekend:

Wellness & Self-Care

Mindfulness & Meditation

The first app I’d recommend for wellness is Mindfulness & Meditation, paying close to $1.00 per iOS install. 🤑

This app, as the name implies, is great for meditation, stress relief, and helps reduce anxiety. Could be great for your following as we start to move into the new month.


Next up, Mesmerize. This app is paying $.65 per iOS install and is set as a visual meditation app that has some really satisfying and trippy videos.

The videos are designed to help you relax, reduce stress/anxiety, and is overall very fun to use. Your audience won’t be able to stop looking at your content if you post a recording from the app!


Last up, WeBurn! This is a top new female focused fitness app! Perfect with summer coming up, this app has been testing with results up to $2.50 per 1k views.

Meet New Friends


For the Meet new friends group we will start out with Wink. This app is a friend finder and allows you to connect your snapchat to blow it up! Super simple to promote and an easy reason for your followers to download. It's also paying $0.65 per iOS install!


We also have Bunch coming back this week. This is a great app that allows you to play games like Among Us and Roblox while FaceTiming with friends. They just added new features to find new friends to play with so it should be a hit!


Last up we have a brand new app called Sonar (paying almost $2 per iOS install). This app lets you listen to music, play games, talk in virtual space. You can hop into other spaces and see what’s going on all. Think Clubhouse but way cooler!

And oh! Don't forget about BIGO LIVE.👻 Our favorite meet friends app still topping the charts with our creators earnings.

Hope these help you maximize earnings!

Have a great weekend!


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