How a creator earns $2,000 a month posting memes on YouTube

One little known secret on YouTube is that you can earn a lot of money without advertising in your videos themselves. The Community tab can be an easy way to bring in extra income just by posting ads.

One Plug creator has been doing this for a while now and makes about $2,000 each month from these Community post ads.

What are Community posts

YouTube Community posts are a way for YouTube creators to interact with their audience outside videos uploads. It's a place to share text, images, gifs, etc. to a timeline of posts on your page.

The best part is these posts can also show up on the homepage and Subscriptions feed within YouTube. 👀

How to promote in a Community post

Promoting is easy and generally looks something like this:

  1. Create a slideshow of images of memes or other viral content
  2. On the last slide, use a Plug static ad (image) for the app you'd like to promote. You can find top performing ads in the Highlights section in the Plug.  
  3. In the comments section, pin a comment that includes the Plug download link.

Just remember, it's against Plug rules to incentivize or otherwise give a reward for downloading from your Plug links. 🚨

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