Meet Venus, a Plug influencer earning $2,500 per month on the side

We'd like to introduce you to Venus, an Instagram influencer who promotes through the Plug. She runs @selfcvresis, a page with ~40k followers who’s been steadily earning nearly $2,500 per month through the Plug alone.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to talk with Venus about some actionable tips she has on earning the most from her campaigns and what brought her to the Plug.

Narrowing down the right content

Posting ads daily, Venus has learned that picking the right ad can increase her earnings drastically. She's even worked out a system to help pinpoint the best ones.

My main strategy is to ensure that the ads I run are tailored towards my audience. This helps my followers feel enticed to download the apps I'm advertising.

To accomplish this, she uses her Instagram Insights as a guide.

Looking at my audience breakdown, I know the majority of my followers are female—this has helped me to select many of the Plug campaigns that have performed best.

With her audience in mind, she's able to head over to the Highlights tab within the Plug to pick out top earning ads for campaigns that're a good fit.

Pro Tip: On top of picking the right ads to run, your captions have a huge impact as well. Learn more about getting the right caption over here.

Cashing in on multiple ads

One benefit with the Plug is that you can run as many ads as you’d like! In fact, posting ads consistently is one of the best ways to maximize your earnings.

I tend to run 3-4 Plug ads at a time to ensure my audience has access to as many apps as possible. It also lets me experiment to find which ones they like best.

Even with multiple ads being posted daily, Venus still watched her following grow, alongside her profits. Having started promoting through the Plug when her account was at ~30k followers, she's grown to nearly 40k in just a few months!

Maximizing earnings

Running ads isn't Venus' full-time job. Still, the Plug has allowed Venus to have a regular source of income while she’s in school.

The payouts I receive from the Plug are amazing, especially as a student who doesn't always have the time to work full-time. It helps me balance my school work without the need to have a job.

In addition, her earnings have been holding steady!

The payouts stay very consistent and even when they do drop for a while, there are constantly new opportunities to increase your payouts. From new campaigns being added regularly to other campaigns with payout increases.

Switching from other platforms

Venus started exploring other ways of monetizing her social accounts after feeling in the dark with the other platforms she'd worked with.

When I worked with companies in the past, I often felt this disconnect with them due to poor communication.

Alas, it was time for a change!

Coming to the Plug

At the Plug, communication is something we've made a priority. From campaign launches to feature releases, we try and make sure we're always keeping in touch. And for Venus, it makes a difference.

My favorite part of the Plug is the team behind it, and how tirelessly they work to ensure they stay in contact with their influencers. I've never felt disconnected with the Plug.

Whew — we're glad to hear our efforts are paying off!

Over to you

Are you interested in cashing in on the Plug too? We'd love to hear from you! Learn more about getting started with the Plug over here.

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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