Memorial Day Weekend Contest

It's been 2 days since our Hypercasual contest ended—and we think that's 2 days too many! Today, we're kicking off another contest with $2000 up for grabs thanks to our advertiser, Lion Studios. 🤑

Here's what to promote

To enter, you will need to promote any of Lion Studio's Plug campaigns:

  • Save The Girl
  • Bullet Bender
  • Super Salon
  • Slap Kings
  • ID Please
  • Color Me Happy


For this giveaway, we'll have 5 raffle prizes and 3 leaderboard prizes up for grabs:

1st Place: $500 cash
2nd Place: $400 cash
3rd Place: $300 cash

5 Raffle Winners: $200 cash

The deal

  • This contest will be live thru Tuesday, May 26 at 9pm PST.
  • For every 10 Plugcoins you earn promoting Lion Studios games, you'll earn 1 raffle ticket and increase your odds at winning a raffle prize.
  • Our Leaderboard prizes (1st-3rd) go to the top 3 influencers who earn the most promoting Lion Studios games thru the contest period.
  • All Plug influencers are eligible for this contest.

Top ads

Looking for the top performing ads for Lion Studios games? Head on over to the Highlights tab within the Plug to search for ads by campaign!

Caption inspiration

Looking for some ideas for your captions? We've got you covered!

  • Best game in the App Store, hands down🙌 I am SO addicted! LINK IN BIO
  • I found the game in case y’all were wondering... LINK IN BIO 😛🥳
  • Y’all need to download this game it has me ADDICTED 🤣 literally can't stop.. LINK IN BIO 😭💀
  • This game keeps you on your toes🥵 comment your favorite level! Mine is 26🥶 LINK IN BIO
  • Since we can’t go to real bars yet, this makes me feel better 🍻😂 Check it out! LINK IN BIO
  • Can you believe only 12% of players can pass level 1 their first time?! 🤯 Are you part of the 12%? LINK IN BIO to find out

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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