This week's highlights

Alongside our new weekly ads of the week posts, we’ll also be releasing highlights including learnings and trends we’re seeing, app and campaign updates, and more. We hope this is a way to keep you more informed and enable you to earn even more through the Plug.

TikTok-style ads

We continue to see a ton of success with TikTok-style ads. They are doing particularly well on Instagarm. These ads look like native peices of content, which often lead to larger view counts and regular content. This paired with earnings of 1-3 dollars per k (1000 views) make them a great choice for our Instagram users!

New Campaigns!

In the last 2-weeks we’ve brought on 2 new campaigns, Sky Roller and Commuters!. Commuters! is doing quite well on Snapchat stories—we definitely recommend giving it a try. We’re also actively testing 12 new campaigns!  

Price Increases still in effect!

Congrats to last week’s contest winners! The contest ended but that these offers are still performing well. The 10-15% payout increases are still active. Many the ads for Idle Human, Weed Factory, and Terrarium continue to drive strong conversions.

App highlights

We recently launched a new feature where you can search for desired campaigns in the upper left of the campaigns screen

Ads are ranked left to right based on their historical performance and popularity. In general, we are more confident about the performance of the ads on left vs. the ads on the right.

Soon-to-come: Highlights page and Analytics redesigns!

Other things to note

What is confidence? Have you ever wondered what we mean by confidence in our ads of the week posts? The more tests we've run/screenshots we get, mean more confidence we have in our results. Essentially: Confidence = high # screenshots + high # views.

Media IDs and where to find them: Media IDs are the last set of numbers in your Plug links. The best practice here is to always get a new link from the app before posting to ensure your media IDs line up.

Missing a campaign? Not all plug users have access to all campaigns, learn more about why here.

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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