Expert Picks - These campaigns will make you the most this weekend!

Back at it again with some weekly picks.😉

Starting off with some high paying games.

State of Survival & King’s Throne.

State of Survival & King’s Throne. These games are both paying over $2 per install with King’s Throne getting a 15% boost!


Another one to check out is Lumbercraft! This game is on top of the App Store right now and for a good reason. Include gameplay in your promotion to really drive up downloads. We’ve seen this new app convert at a high level so I think it’s a great option. 🌲🤑

Dragon Mania

The last game I want to highlight is Dragon Mania. If you remember Cat Game, which is one of our all time highest performing games, this is similar in that you collect and raise dragons. Very cute, vibey, and relaxing! It’s paying almost $2 per install which is really high for a game like this.


If games aren’t your thing check out PicsArt which is an editing tool that has amazing features like the removal tool. Showing that off in a promotion will be sure to drive downloads!

Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach is still one of the best apps to promote for any creator. Fitness and health are always important and with summer around the corner your followers are thinking about that summer body they’ve dreamed of!

Fam & Vibe

Last but not least Fam & Vibe are my two favorite social apps right now.

Fam is paying almost $2 and is a way to meet new people from your school/area. It also has a 100 person FaceTime feature that people love.

Vibe is a great way to boost (hack) your adds/followers on Snapchat or even Tiktok/Instagram. You just add everyone on Vibe and you automatically get new adds!

Hope these picks help you earn.😎

Have a great weekend!


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