Expert Picks - Soren's campaign recommendations

Happy Friday! 😎

Here are our recommendations for the top apps to promote and earn that money.💰


Bigo Live continues to be a top campaign and they have just expanded their budget!

At 37 Plugcoins creators are earning steady and in large amounts with this live-streaming app.


Another app to check out especially for IG and Snap pages is Fam (available to TikTokers soon).🙏

This new social app has great features to meet new people, chat with friends from your school/community, and blow up your snapchat. They just relaunched with a whole overhaul of features so be sure to check it out!


Similarly another social app called NewNew just launched and was created by a member of Drake’s entourage. 👀

This app lets you and your friends vote on polls with snapchat while having group chats so it’s a fun way to make decisions and engage with friends!

King's Thorne: Game of Lust

Another recommendation for Snap and IG pages is King’s Throne: Game of Lust.

This game is on the freaky side but with a high payout of over 25 Plugcoins we’ve seen people make a lot of money in our tests. Give it a go and see how much you can make🤑

One Million Goodbyes

Last but not least I wanted to highlight a new type of campaign we are offering. It’s a pay per purchase meaning you’ll get paid ($1.50) for each purchase (only $2.00).

This is political so you make the call based on your audience but it’s a postcard to Trump with the messaging “You’re Fired”, but we’ve seen content around this campaign go viral and hit FYP so could be a good option!

Look for One Million Goodbyes if interested.

As always happy earning and have a great weekend!


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