Expert Picks - Cash in on 10% higher earnings all weekend

It's happening... again! Thru Sunday, we're raising all payouts in the Plug by 10%. That brings some of our best campaigns up to around $2 per install, with some even higher (see: Magic: The Gathering Arena) 🤯

Let's go over our picks for the campaigns that'll bring in the most money for you this weekend:


A perfect promo for makeup fans, SuperGreat is an app that helps you discover new beauty products and tune into live streams of makeup tutorials. With a $1.41 payout per install, it's a strong pick going into the weekend!


With a whopping payout of $2.18 per install, BIGO LIVE is everyone's favorite streaming app and continues to be one of our very best campaigns. TikTokers are finding it especially successful when paired with a custom ad inviting followers to tune in on BIGO.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Our highest paying campaign at $5.28 per install, Magic: The Gathering Arena is all new to the Plug and the perfect way for your followers to play the original strategy card game on their phone. It's the future!

Fitness Coach

With summer right around the corner, Fitness Coach is another easy recommendation going into the weekend. Try out our ready-to-go ads in the Highlights tab or create your own to cash in on this app's high conversion rate!

You can get started with these ads and more directly within the Plug app! And as always, happy earning this weekend and do let us know if you need us. Our team is around 7-days a week to help. 💁‍♀️


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