Expert Picks - Who needs love when you have money

Happy Friday! Soren here, back at it again for another set of my current picks to help you maximize earnings!

Hily & Taimi

With Valentines Day here it might be a good time to promote our dating apps Hily & Taimi. πŸ’• Both have a high payout and should make for easy, relatable content!

Dick At Your Door

For those interested in earning over $6 per purchase look up β€œat your door” in the Plug app to find a V-day inspired prank that your followers might be interested in purchasing. πŸ˜…πŸ†

Wink, Vibe, and Fam

For Tiktokers especially, I really suggest Wink, Vibe, and Fam. These social apps let you find new friends and either add them on snapchat and other social medias (Wink & Vibe), or video chat with new people, including influencers like you (Fam is paying $1.92 and allows you to have calls with your fans!). Wink is extra excited by Tiktok submissions so custom ads are extremely encouraged. 🀩

Prequel and Vochi

We are launching two new photo/video editing apps this week called Prequel and Vochi. Both of these apps can instantly make photos or videos stand out so you can promote them to your followers as a way to up their game on social media! πŸŽ₯πŸ“ΈπŸ€³

Jour and Fabulous - Self Care

For those who are wellness/self care minded or have an audience that is into health and wellness, we have two great apps for you! Jour is a journaling app that can help with wellness and mindfulness ✍️. Fabulous is a self care app that helps people plan, track, and hit goals! Both should be hits!


Bitcoin is up 26% this week at ~$47K 🀯. If your followers want to earn Bitcoin on everyday purchases you should promote Lolli to them. This app gives up to 30% back in cash or Bitcoin at 1000+ stores and you can earn almost $1.5 per download by promoting it. πŸ“ˆ


If Bitcoin isn’t your thing you should check out Truebill (paying $2.55). This app helps you manage your expenses and subscriptions. It can help you lower your costs, or even cancel unused subscriptions to save money. Your followers will thank you later!

Our Plug into Love contest is on now!

Last but not least wanted to remind you about our Plug into Love contest with over $10K in prizes including almost $3K in raffle prizes. πŸ’°

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and this helps you earn a lot!

β€” Soren

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