Expert Picks - Soren's campaign recommendations

Hello and happy Friday!

Here are my campaign picks to help you maximize your earnings as we head into the weekend.

No surprise here, but Bigo Live & Fitness Coach are still the top picks for apps paying over $1 at 37 Plugcoins and 28 Plugcoins respectfully. No signs of those slowing down so I highly encourage you to check them out!

I also want to suggest checking out Litstick at 9 Plugcoins per download. This fun app lets you drop stickers into iMessage that look like texts so you can prank your friends by changing the appearance of their messages. 😂 We have seen some big wins lately so be sure to cash in on this 🔥 campaign!

Last but not least, on the game front I want to touch on Blade Forge 3D which is a newly launched game that lets you craft your own sword and test out it’s power! Also Shortcut Run is still very popular and converting well!

Hope you have a great weekend :)

— Soren

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