Expert Picks - Soren's campaign recommendations

It's time for another round of Expert Picks! Here, each week, we'll share campaign advice and recommendations from our expert team of Account Managers who work with all of the Plug's top influencers.

Hope your week has been good ā€” Friday is here. šŸ˜Ž

As we move into the weekend, Iā€™d thought I share my weekly recommendations for top campaigns to boost your earnings. šŸ’°

High paying campaigns

We have tons of apps paying over 25 Plugcoins but a new one that is primed to be a winner is Clash - 21 Second Video. Clash is paying 28.8 Plugcoins per install and is a social video sharing app with better features for creating content.

One angle to promote it is for your followers to download it now and secure a good/rare username or get a shot at becoming famous on Clash.

I also want to mention that Bigo Live, Fitness Coach, and Hily are paying the highest they ever have at over 30 Plugcoins! šŸ¤Æ


For those that want to promote casual games, Demolish! just landed and is paying 11.7 Plugcoins. This game is testing well and moving up the App Store charts with users loving it.

Tabou Stories

Last but not least Tabou Stories is still seeing an incredible resurgence with a number of strong performing ads on our Highlights page now.

This game lets the user decide the outcome of spicy and crazy stories. šŸ™ˆ

I hope this helps with some inspiration; I'm excited to see how much you can earn.

As always have a great weekend!

ā€” Soren

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