Expert Picks - Soren's campaign recommendations

Happy Friday! As we head into the Halloween Weekend I wanted to share some campaigns to jump start your earnings. πŸ‘»


To play off the scary Halloween vibes you can promote Yarn which is packed with spooky stories. Paying 10.9 Plugcoins, these installs can add up fast. πŸ’°


If you think your followers are looking to get boo’d πŸ‘» up for trick-or-treating I recommend promoting Hily, a dating app paying 32.2 Plugcoins (over $1.5).

Let's Be Cops 3D

If you or your followers are dressing up as cops for Halloween, you might as well promote the very popular game Let’s Be Cops which is paying out 8.8 Plugcoins with some ads making more than $1.50 per 1000 views! πŸš“


Last but not least as we look forward to next week and the election happening here in the states. It might be a good time to promote Calm as a way to relax and reduce stress. Paying over $1, this app can be a huge benefit to your followers!

As always have a great weekend, stay safe and happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

β€” Soren

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