Cube Surfer! is taking off right now

The latest hypercasual game from our friends at Voodoo, Cube Surfer! is crushing it right now with ads bringing in as much as $1.49 per 1000 views.

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Our top performing ad for Cube Surfer! as well as our other highest converting ads can be found on our Highlights tab within the Plug.

This ad in particular has been bringing in as much as $1.49 per 1000 views (per-k).

Looking for a caption?

A great ad is only as great as the caption you have alongside it! And for that, we got your back:

  • Best game in the App Store, hands down🙌 I am SO addicted! LINK IN BIO
  • This game keeps you on your toes🥵 comment your favorite level! Mine is 26🥶 LINK IN BIO
  • This game keeps you on your toes🥵I LOVE playing with my friends! LINK IN BIO
  • all I do is play this game now lol LINK IN BIO
  • Can you believe only 12% of players can pass level 1 their first time?! Are you part of the 12%? LINK IN BIO to find out

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