An all new $30,000 Contest starts now

Starting today we have an all new contest in the Plug with $30,000 up for grabs, including both Leaderboard and Raffle prizes! Promote any offers in the Plug to participate and get started.

Ready to win? Here's a breakdown of the prizes:

Leaderboard prizes

In this contest, the 10 creators who earn the most promoting any offers in the Plug over the contest period will win a leaderboard prize.

  • 1st Place - $8,000
  • 2nd Place - $6,000
  • 3rd Place - $4,000
  • 4th Place - $3,000
  • 5th Place - $2,500
  • 6th Place - $1,500
  • 7th Place - $750
  • 8th Place - $500
  • 9th Place - $300
  • 10th Place - $250

Raffle prizes

We will also have 20 raffle prizes for this contest that give all creators a chance at a prize. For every $0.50 you earn promoting any Plug offers, you'll be awarded 1 Raffle Ticket and increase your odds at a prize:

  • 3x Grand Prize Raffle Winners - $500
  • 17x Raffle Winners - $100

All the details

  • This contest will be live today thru April 4th @ 12:00 PST.
  • Leaderboard winners are NOT eligible to win a Raffle prize.
  • Promote any Plug offers to participate!
  • Creators who don't follow our policies and/or drive manufactured installs will NOT be eligible in the contest and may see their earnings withheld.

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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