3 ways to earn on TikTok this week in the Plug

TikTokers in the Plug have a few ways to earn. You can get paid-per-install for 100s of our campaigns, or get paid based on the views you get or making ads through Challenges.

Here are 3 of our teams top suggestions for earning on TikTok through the Plug this week:

IRL - Do More Together

What is it? IRL is the place for Social Messaging! Follow your friends, join groups you relate to, and chat!

How do I promote it? IRL has three major ways of getting folks to download their app:

  • A way to “blow up your social media accounts”
  • Make lots of friends on the app → your Snapchat, Instagram and iMessage get blown up by notifications
  • A way to find secret, underground parties in your area since the app alerts you to when something cool is happening in your city
  • A cool way to alter your iMessages when talking to folks → You can send texts as if they’re memes

Promote IRL - Do More Together in the Plug app here

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

What is it? Sweatcoin pays you to walk by rewarding you for the steps you take. See if your audience wants to dare you to walk a certain amount like we saw in this successful ad on TikTok and YouTube shorts:

How do I promote it? The most important things to focus on in a Sweatcoin ad are:

  • Explain that you get paid to walk with Sweatcoin in any way that feels organic to your TikTok page
  • Show in-app footage, or talk about how you can use the app to buy cool products like headphones, skincare, giftcards, and more
  • Remind the audience they already walk, might as well get paid for it

Promote Sweatcoin in the Plug app here

A skit style for BIGO and Photo Editing Apps Like Airbrush and PicsArt

What is it? The best way to get a high number of views (and downloads) for BIGO Live and photo editing apps like Airbrush or PicsArt follow the same formula.

How do I promote it? Follow these steps to recreate the ad style:

  • Walk in on partner (walking into a room, catching them in the car, etc) who is looking at their laptop or their phone, and scream or act excited
  • Use a caption like "caught my boyfriend" or “can’t believe she hid this from me”
  • Have the person behind the camera ask what they’re freaking out about.
  • Have the person behind the camera convince them to spill the tea.
  • “Fine, I have two secrets!” The first secret is → Explain the secret TikTok emoji hack about how you can access secret emojis on TikTok (there are many secret emojis)
  • “Okay what’s the second secret??”
  • “The second secret is…”
  • BIGO Pitch: “I found an app that allows you to go live without a thousand followers, go to the link in my bio and download the app”
  • Photo Editor Pitch for Airbrush, PicsArt, or Bazaart: “I found an app that lets you erase ANYTHING from your photos, but don’t use it for bad”
  • Show a demo of the app / in-app footage.  

And that covers it! If you have any question on getting started, or finding a campaign to promote, you can reach out to us here.

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